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Which is the best visa to apply under        started by agia92 on 02 Jan 2010   (22401)
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From agia92

02 Jan 2010 8:09 AM
Hi Would anyone have any advice on which would be the best visa to apply for, My husband and I could appply under the skilled worker migration (Independant) or under family sponsorship (we both have family in WA) also which area would someone recommend (we would like by the coast as we live by the sea in Ireland) but want value for money in a good area (good amenities, playschool & primary schools we have a 3 year old (pref Catholic but mixed boys/girls), sport clubs GAA would be great or Rugby and shops/entertainment also near a Train station. I would imagine we will rent at first so we could get a feel for area. I currently drive 45 klms to work and my husband the same so we dont mind a bit of travel. any advice would be greatly appreciated, also has any one brougnt their dogs (we have three !!)