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APPRENTICESHIP       started by amandajane on 04 Jan 2010   (22406)
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From amandajane

04 Jan 2010 4:05 AM
My son is 19 and has completed Year 12 in the UK (A levels) We have been here since Aug 07 and he has had a couple of jobs in Construction which he has enjoyed, but he now ideally would like to train for a Trade, preferably an Elecrician or Plumber. Is there anyone out there looking for a very reliable and honest young man, who is positive about a new opportunity and eager to make a start on a new future? We have been looking daily on Apprenticentre. com but to no avail as yet. If there is anyone on Aussiemove who has their own business and is looking for a new Apprentice or know of a Company who may be advertising soon, please please let us know- we'd appreciate it very much. Happy New Year everyone.
From KathrynG

To amandajane

04 Jan 2010 7:09 AM
Hi Amandajane One of my lads got a school based apprenticeship through an employment agency. I know your sons situation is slightly different but has he checked out the employment agencies, there has been loads of apprenticeships on our local sites. Not sure about Perth but imagine there is probably something similar. The other option is for him to go to Centrelink, they will refer him to employment agencies who will try and match him to his requirements, Good luck