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Best place to swim with the Dolphins around Perth?       started by Rob+Tina on 04 Jan 2010   (22408)
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From Rob+Tina

04 Jan 2010 7:26 AM
Hi Aussiemovers, has anyone experienced swimming with the dolphins either at Rockingham or Mandurah? What was your experience like? was it expensive? Any comments are welcome! Regards Tina and Rob
From thelees

To Rob+Tina

04 Jan 2010 12:09 PM
Hi Tina we live in Mandurah and I see dolphins most days in the peel inlet on the school run! check out the above operator who have now started a Dolphin Blog its marvellous. We don't get in and swim with them, we don't have a regular feeding slot or advantage point in terms of a daily dolphin occurence in Mandurah. They are just here all the time and in very varied spots around the Peel inlet and canals. Best way to see them natural is from a boat. Good luck Pauline ps theres a dolphin centre in Bunbury 1 hour south of Mandurah, its similar to Monkey mia a small line up can't feed them etc., Open beach they usually come in to feed, but its not guaranteed. You can even just walk onto the beach and not pay at the dolphin sanctuary, (we later learned) the day we went we paid 8 people, waited, waited and waited, nothing - luck of the draw.
From Mindblower

To thelees

04 Jan 2010 2:18 PM
Can also been seen at Rockingham......operater there too.
From jimboman

To Rob+Tina

04 Jan 2010 9:57 PM
(107024) I know a few people who have done this trip. Life changing experience by all accounts. Try it Jim