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Our Trip to Perth 28th October 2009       started by clarepo on 07 Jan 2010   (22419)
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From clarepo

07 Jan 2010 9:25 PM
Where to start! We left Birmingham Airport with Emirates with a short change over in Dubai and then on to Perth. We landed just before 1am tired but relieved to be there! The kids were fantastic on the journey and we couldn't fault Emirates. They will definitely be our 1st choice airline for our return to Perth this year. We had a hiccup at the airport in that our lift got the wrong day but the airport staff were really helpful and they sorted out a taxi for us with an very kind driver who fixed the price and didn't rip us off! We arrived at Hillarys Boat Harbour Apartments in the dark so didn't realise the true beauty of where we stayed until the morning! And WOW! It is a must place to visit for anyone. The harbour is amazing and the beach and shallow water was excellent for the kids. Plenty of really nice places to eat and although we found eating out in Australia more expensive than the UK the quality was next to none. Our favourite being FAB (Famous Australian Burgers)! The covered play area on the beach was a hit with both of ours. I can't actually remember the order of how we did things so have just listed all the places we went to! We are very lucky to have friends who live in Scarborough, Kingsley & Mullalloo so we had an insiders insight to living in Australia. One of our friends was very kind to drive us round various different suburbs and take us to various different houses to look at what we can expect to get for our money. We really liked Kingsley & Padbury and hope to settle somewhere around there. Perth Zoo - we visited the Zoo with my parents and used the train / ferry to get there and thought both services were great. They were very good value for money and the transport was very good. I definitely think we'd use the train if ever going into Perth. It was so hassle free and Harry loved it! We had a great day at the Zoo which I would recommend anyone to visit. Kings Park - FANTASTIC! We all really enjoyed going to Kings Park and went a couple of times. The children would have gone every day and the muffins and coffee were fab!! Wish we'd been able to go at night as Mum & Dad did and said it was lovely but that's one for our return. Employment - mixed results on this one! Steve called a few different companies to try and talk to someone about how things are in his industry but didn't get any calls back! I however, managed to have an informal chat with a New Homes Sales Director and it went really well. The job is different to what I do here but in a very positive way and he has asked me to contact them when we have a date to move to see if they have any opportunities so that was very good. Also, through talking to people I now have 3 more contacts to call once we have a date so although we gained our visa on Steve's trade it may be myself that works initially. Shopping / Houses - We lived the full week on our trip as if we were at home and not on holiday. We found grocery shopping about the same as in the UK and really enjoyed the freshness of the food. We hired a car and the fuel was a very good price. We were impressed with the homes we saw. Ideally we want an older property that may need work but we are very open regarding homes. So long as we are together and safe we don't really mind initially and are prepared to wait for our dream home. Aqwa - Very good! Similar to Sea Life but better we thought. It helped that it was a 2 min walk from where we were staying! The kids loved it and although it's not cheap it was worth it and would recommend it. Caversham Wildlife Park - This is a lovely day out for the family. The kids would have stayed in the Kangaroo enclosure all day if we let them! Lots to do and really nice place. Was a bit hot the day we went so if we go back I would probably go on a cooler day so we could stay a bit longer as there were some parts of it that we didn't do. The beaches / picnic areas / parks - Mullalloo beach is amazing! Our friends are very lucky to live a 5 min walk away and we enjoyed a lovely time there with the kids kicking a ball around and felt like we were the only people on the beach! The barbecues around the beaches / public spaces are great too. We used the picnic areas a couple of times and were pleasantly surprised to see how clean they all were. We used quite alot of the parks & play areas with the kids and again were pleased to see how clean they were. Some graffiti but no broken glass and dog doo to avoid! Driving - We both found driving a pleasure! (Think the scenery helped!!) Got a bit lost the first time we drove into Perth but the map book our friend bought us was great. Really pleased we didn't get Sat Nav as we saw more getting lost!! I will add anything else I remember but that's it for now. We had an amazing time and the only niggle for me is family & friends but we are lucky in having friends already there to support us and I know we will be ok. We are glad that we got a chance to visit before the move though as initially we weren't going to be able to do this. It has taken away alot of the unknown and made us happier with our decision. To anyone who gets the chance - grab it with both hands and enjoy! It's an amazing place with lovely people!
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07 Jan 2010 10:05 PM
photo's to follow - for some reason I can't get the photo bit to work!
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08 Jan 2010 5:23 AM
Thanks for such a wonderful report. You are making me more excited about my forthcoming trip to Perth in April. Its only for a week but can't wait. We will be staying in the Ocean Reef area and it looks fantastic. So you really liked Kingsley then? Quite a few posts have said this also and I think Woodvale Senior High School is in the catchment area and has a good name. Look forward to seeing all the photos. Thanks Kendal