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Quiet footballer 16 year old       started by currambine on 08 Jan 2010   (22424)
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From currambine

08 Jan 2010 9:08 PM
hi folks, new here, We live in Currambine and totally love it. We all settled well 2 years ago today, so we will have a special toast tonight. Hubby gets homesick now and again but knows he is better off here. We have made some lovely friends and enjoy our life in the sun. Our only problem is our oldest who is 16. He is doing great at school and great at football (ECU) but socially does nothing. He is a great boy, popular at school and footy but so quiet. He is very compatible at every sport and enjoys family time. Im not wanting to throw him into society but it breaks my heart that he hasnt found someone similar to him (same age, not into drinking, etc). Currambine in very quiet. Friends that we have dont have kids his age group so we feel stuck - any suggestions out there or people in the same situation as us? Any help would be appreciated.