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Business Investment/Sponsorship       started by Scotsgrl on 10 Jan 2010   (22432)
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From Scotsgrl

10 Jan 2010 2:10 AM
We are Mortgage Brokers from Scotland, desperate to join family in Australia (Perth area preferably, but we'd consider anywhere). We do not 'fit' into any of the Visa categories. Our business has not reached the turnover threshold for a Business Visa and Mortgage Brokers are not on the Skilled workers lists. I have other family in Scotland, so cannot obtain a family Visa. I'm 38, my partner is 48. We've explored all possibilities, and have come up with one last look for sponsorship. We (on the sale of our house in Scotland) will have money we could invest in a business in Australia. We'd consider any business! The invested money would be for an agreed share in said business, but in return also for employer sponsorship. (We'd cover all costs of the sponsorship)! I'm really at this point just looking for views and opinions but would love to hear of anyone that someone might know that would welcome an investment in their business, whether it's a struggling one, or just one looking to expand or whatever! Cheers,
From sarah+mick

To Scotsgrl

10 Jan 2010 8:25 PM
Hi Have you tried for sbdc( small business development council) sponsership for a new business as the threshold is a lot lower They are based in Perth and have helped me a lot with visa which we now have and also help with courses to help you start up hope this helps a bit and good look Mick
From Scotsgrl

To sarah+mick

10 Jan 2010 8:37 PM
Thanks for that Mick, I will go and check that out now!!