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cost of flights       started by donaa2 on 14 Jan 2010   (22463)
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From donaa2

14 Jan 2010 7:50 AM
Have found some flights with Cathay Pacific for
From jimboman

To donaa2

14 Jan 2010 9:02 AM
Flown twice in the last year with Cathay. Very good airline, good food with a slightly oriental twist. You can also ask for snacks like sarnies etc during the flight. All the seats have the in flight entertainment consoles with stacks of movies and games etc. Kids get a goodie bag when they board the flight. You change planes in Hong Kong, and the hour or so at the airport is mainly spent getting to the transfer gate and going through security checks. Hong Kong airport is very expensive for everything, so don't plan on buying food or duty free stuff there. The price you are paying is good. We are looking into flights over for my dad at around the same time. Once you live in Aus, flying back is roughly double the price (my flight last August with Cathay cost $2400 return from Perth-London-Perth, flying London-Perth-London would have cost me 650 squids)
From duggy

To donaa2

14 Jan 2010 9:03 AM
i'll let you know, we are flying with them on monday! i have heard good reports so fingers crossed. we have paid approx the same price (i assume plus taxes?) i'll post another message when i'm online hopefully after a good flight to perth! x
From donaa2

To duggy

14 Jan 2010 9:15 AM
Thanks for that. Hope you have a good flight and trip to Perth. Are you going out on a rekkie? Would be great to hear about your experience on your return. Andrea
From donaa2

To jimboman

14 Jan 2010 9:17 AM
Thanks for reply. Didn't realise the costs the other way were so expensive. Why is that? Andrea
From duggy

To donaa2

14 Jan 2010 9:59 AM
well! that is the question! me and my partner first visited perth about 5 yrs ago, we fell in love! since then we have had a little boy, and its been our dream to start the process, however my partner has a terminally ill mum, so its even more of a decision for him, im hoping this visit will make his mind up that we will make the move even if it is in a few years, i'll let you know hpw cathay pacific are xx
From simonc

To donaa2

14 Jan 2010 4:10 PM
Try airasia .If you want cheap and no frills, if you play with dates enough in advance you can get for under 400 quid. We went with them last year and it was fine if you expect what you pay for, there were no delays or problems. Got 2 friends going in May (booked june last year)from Perth to UK (via KL) then to Kota Bharu (via KL), over to Bali (via KL!), back to Perth (via KL!!) for $850 each all taxes and luggage included, so with the current exchange rate I guess thats a bit under 500 quid. Probably advise against it with kids though.