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problems with shipping       started by sunqueeno on 17 Jan 2010   (22472)
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From sunqueeno

17 Jan 2010 5:10 AM
Is it just me or did anyone else find the whole shipping process really complicated. The terms and conditions mainly regard insurance are endless! Can anyone give me any tips or warnings about things we need to be aware of. Is it best to insure the total value of goods in the container or just specific items. It's looking at costing
From sdb

To sunqueeno

17 Jan 2010 8:25 PM
Hi We used John MAson and our container is been delivered on Tuesday,we had no problems with them they have been great and the Australian company who is deliving has been in contact since the container arrived. We had a 20ft container also with loads of tools inside our insurance was about 500 pound we paid 2.5 % of the value Hope this helps Anita
From chaz+lucy

To sunqueeno

18 Jan 2010 10:07 PM
Hi, We moved over here in May 07 so it has been a while but we used PSS. I can't speak highly enough about them. The two chaps that packed us up were great and very considerate. Not a single thing got broken en route, just when I was unpacking I dropped something! Kent Removals this end were okay. We thoroughly cleaned anything that may have mud on it and sold our garden furniture in the UK. I would say that you need to clear out all alcohol and anything else flammable e.g. some things you may find in your kitchen cupboard, along with anything from your Christmas decorations that may not be allowed into the country e.g. pine cones. I've heard that some packers will pack alcohol but if it's not allowed why bother? We did buy insurance but then I worked for an insurance company in the UK for 16 years so I felt it was worth it. Don't think we bought mould cover though. I think we may have insured specific items like the sofas. Bear in mind that houses in the UK are tiny compared to here so you will end up buying bigger stuff once you've arrived. Plus when you're waiting 10 weeks to get your stuff you have to have something to manage with before it arrives. We bought stuff from Salvos (Salvation Army) to see us through then took it back when our plates, pans etc arrived. We were able to borrow beds for the kids but ended up buying one for us as the floor became less and less attractive as the weeks went by. A tip for if you're renting after you've arrived. Firstly, we kept alot of our stuff boxed up, sounds obvious but some people unpack everything. The empty boxes were collected by Kent Removals after about a week. However about a week later we started looking to buy so I was really kicking myself for giving the boxes back, I needed them for our next move and ended up buying some but they were half the quality of the shipping ones. We live and learn. Good luck with your move. Lucy