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passport renewal       started by cs74 on 17 Jan 2010   (22473)
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From cs74

17 Jan 2010 5:39 AM
Hi. could anyone answer. My passport needs renewing and my old one has the visa that has been activated. I would like to send it to Australia house to transfer the visa to the new passport, has anyone done this ? if so were they any fees and does it show that the visa was activated. thanks C
From Andy+Pat

To cs74

18 Jan 2010 3:56 PM
hi there, my daughter is visiting in the UK at the mo & has just got her new adult passport, she went to Australia House & spoke on the phone about getting her visa transferred into her new passport. there is no charge for this & takes about 20 mins for them to do but its only between the hours of 9-11am. she is going up there today to get this done in person. i'm not sure what the process is via mail but give them a call, hopefully they can help you out. pat. x
From rockinghorse

To Andy+Pat

18 Jan 2010 4:18 PM
I renewed our passports in the UK whilst visiting. I then phoned to see what the procedure was for transferring the visa. I could send both passports for the transfer to take place. They advised that it would be a quick sevice. Maybe a week or so. I chose not to as I needed my passport to go ovet to Spain before returning to Oz via a trip to Vancouver. So advice was carry both passports. It was fine leaving the UK, arrival inVancouver was fine. Departure from Vancouver was fine, arrived in LA they told me I couldn't board my New Zealand flight. Anyway must have looked sad travelling alone with my two young ones. So they made some phone calls and had to transfer/attatch the old visa to the new passport. The guy in London didn't mention any of this!! So if you have time just send it off it will be easier. Not sure of the exact department, but if you have a look on their website am sure it will advise.
From sdb

To rockinghorse

18 Jan 2010 7:32 PM
Stu had to renew his passport he just traveeled with two passport australia house told him that was fine and we had no problems when we arrived at Sydney airport just looked at both passports, Anita
From rockinghorse

To sdb

18 Jan 2010 7:39 PM
Our problem was the Air New zealand would not issue boarding passes. It was a bloody nightmare, LA was not a familliar airport for me so didn't feel comfortable alon with two young kids.. So made it difficult.
From cs74

To rockinghorse

19 Jan 2010 1:10 AM
Thanks for info. i will send both off to get it in new passport. C