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any information on Mandurah and suburbs       started by poachers on 01 Feb 2010   (22529)
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From poachers

01 Feb 2010 3:00 AM
Hi can anyone give us any information on Mandurah and suburbs. We have been looking on real estate sites, house look lovely, Looking for primary/upper schools, jobs, hubby a carpenter,cricket and football clubs.
From deRoberto

To poachers

01 Feb 2010 12:00 PM
If you type in Mandurah in the 'search for' space, then tick both the heading and message boxes, then refresh, there's 388 messages with ref to Mandurah and suburbs. Messages from 'thelees' are very helpful. There's heaps of Aussiemovers who have settled there. Halls Head is a rapidly growing suburb of Mandurah with some very good schools and they do have a very active cricket and soccer club with all the clubhouse facilities as well.Housing is becoming more affordable as it was an investors paradise before the crash and as Callum stated a few messages ago, people were borrowing and buying 3 or 4 properties when the interest rates were low. I must say that it wasn't necessarily people who had sold their house in London that went on a spree, but rather workers in the mining industries who were on massive wages with perks. A lot of these people were single blokes who had to find something or somewhere to invest their money...the are now floundering and having to sell at cut prices to pay back their loans. Our home has dropped in value by $200,000 according to the latest valuation but that's just an example of how you can get caught.