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any need for COMMUNITY CARE WORKERS       started by alittlebitdippy on 02 Feb 2010   (22531)
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From alittlebitdippy

02 Feb 2010 1:53 AM
My husband & I would love to move over with our children and as my husband is a trained community care worker for the elderly we would be so greatful if you would let us know if there is any work for people with that qualification. We dont really mind if it would mean a move in land although Perth does look nice. Im not skilled but would be willing to do any type of work. We look forward to a responce. All the best. Yours sincerely Maria Pennell.
From callum1965

To alittlebitdippy

02 Feb 2010 5:18 AM
Basically in a nutshell and blunt... you have zero chance, not at all, no way. Does not matter how you call your husbands proffesion he is a care worker. I know as i used to do it years ago with my wife before she trained as a nurse. I have been a children with learning difficulties support worker, adult with learning difficulties and adult mental health support staff and profound learning support worker. ( all care work ). I am an engineer by trade ( now a tool maker ) so have had my ups and downs in the trade and have fallen back on care work when needed to. when I came to oz I had NVQ level 4 in care work( NVQ over here practically means Not Very Qualified ) The Oz systen requires their own qualifications and training, and with the pay being reasonable people do it. You could check this yourself on the web site and see. Best thing to do if you are really wanting to come over is to retrain as a nurse for the adult nursing diploma for 3 years and do 1 year on wards then apply. sorry but alot of dreamers think they can just come over.