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Waikiki       started by wez+jane on 05 Feb 2010   (22539)
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From wez+jane

05 Feb 2010 6:51 AM
hi there, me and my wife are hopefully moving over to australia next year in march 2011 and would like to move to secret harbour or anywhere nice that has a good school for our three children. we would be greatfull for any information of how much money we need to bring with us, to get started. we would like a house that has four bedrooms and a nice garden. I have a contact for work over there so don't think looking for a job would be much of a problem. if anyone could help us it would be great. many thanks wez,jane,bethany,billy,jessica.
From Mindblower

To wez+jane

05 Feb 2010 10:33 AM
hello in secret harbour,but child goes to maranatha private school in waikiki.
From chaz+lucy

To wez+jane

07 Feb 2010 12:18 PM
Hello all, there is a new website for schools here now that can give you a good view of how schools are performing, (state and private) so maybe have a look for yourself and see what you think. The address is ' ' and you can type in the area you are looking at and view schools in the suburb and surrounding suburbs. Hope this can help, Charlie.
From wez+jane

To Mindblower

09 Feb 2010 5:33 AM
hi mindblower wez here, me and jane wan't to move to secret harbour it looks great there and we were wondering what its like to actually live there. are the schools ok. we have seen lots of bloggs about the schools arn't that great is this true. i am a bricklayer and wondering if there is work in secret harbour, i do have a contact over there for work but just wondering how far i would have to travel every day to work. many thanks wez&jane.
From wez+jane

To chaz+lucy

09 Feb 2010 9:42 AM
hi chaz&lucy thanks for the information that you have given us, we will take a look at them. thanks again. wez&jane.
From gaz+jo

To wez+jane

09 Feb 2010 3:17 PM
hi we love it and we live in secret harbour there good and bad im most schools, my girls loves it and is very happy !!!
From Mindblower

To gaz+jo

09 Feb 2010 6:41 PM
Wez Nothing wrong with S Harbour primary, loveley location, if your ambitious about education results though consider private. Friends of mine have older kids in Comet Bay high school- not good apparently.Secret Harbour is small, no obvious bricklaying work,you would have to travel, then again most people do in W.A. Seems the old adage of who you know not what you know with regards to jobs. No expert on brickies work though i'm afraid ,though building seems on the upside again, especially with school refurbs. Dave
From wez+jane

To Mindblower

10 Feb 2010 8:21 AM
hi dave thanks for your message. wez&jane