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Banksia Grove       started by bart on 07 Feb 2010   (22545)
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From bart

07 Feb 2010 9:30 PM
Could any one tell me what banksia grove is like? is there high crime around there? what are the school's like?
From brickiea

To bart

09 Feb 2010 6:46 PM
hi bart banskia had a bit of abad name but the new bit seems to be ok dont know a bout the school there are plans to build a new school hope this helps
From Kieren

To bart

09 Feb 2010 7:52 PM
The 'old' Banksia Grove has had it's troubles in the past, and there are a few 'hotspots' there still, shall we say. But remember that's the old part, and actually closer to the Delamere Park side of that area. However, the new development in Banksia Grove (called Banksia Grove Estate, which is basically an extension eastwards of the already popular Carramar Golf Course Estate) is set to be a top notch development (having already won many design initiative awards even before completion), and will have many new facilities including a large retail/shopping center, multiple community 'corner shops' dotted around, 2 new junior schools (think its 1 state and 1 private, but can't remember), and a new state secondary school. The 'new' part is planned to envelope some of the older part, and will be of a substantial enough size to literally engulf the old part. I believe something like 25% of the development is to be keep green (parks, walks, 'forever-bush' area). It does look like, in the future, the only boundaries between Banksia Grove, Delamere Park, Tapping, and Carramar, will be the primary roads between them (Joondalup Drive and Pinjar Road). There is tonnes of info on the developers site if you have a real good look at all the pages at From that site: 'The project management team, which commenced work in December 2005, will develop this $2 billion project over a 10 to 12 year period.' disclaimer bit: I'm in no way affiliated to any of the developers, builders, sales offices, etc. Cheers, KIEREN