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Transferring funds to Oz       started by geodan on 08 Feb 2010   (22546)
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From geodan

08 Feb 2010 12:37 AM
Hello All, I am currently back in the UK since last October. I was living & working in Perth from June 08 til October 09 on PR Visa. Returned to UK primarily as my partner's mum died.. her property, possesions & estate etc had to be sorted with no one else in UK to do it. House had been unsold for a year in UK. Anyway, that is all sorted now, and we are thinking of returning to Aus. As we had to send funds back to UK (weren't sure if move back was permanent or not at the time).. Would be we liable to pay tax on funds transferred back to Aus? My OH has inherited some money so if we came back would be transferring all funds back over (again!) When we originally moved over in June 08... there was a 6 month rule about transferring your funds over to Aus when you emigrate. Would this apply to us as 2nd entry to Australia as such?? Would be grateful for any info anyone may have. Thanks