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Moving Cats from UK to Australia.       started by amy_93 on 08 Feb 2010   (22547)
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From amy_93

08 Feb 2010 2:12 AM
Hi, My family and I are strongly considering moving to Sydney, Australia, but have alot of questions that need to be anwsered. I feel the most important question is about our pet cats. I have information about moving them to Australia, from the Australian Gov. website, but what I really want anwsered is how the pets deal with the plane ride over, as our youngest cat can be spooked easily, and the eldest one can be agitated easily. I would also like to know how cats from a cool climate, deal with a hot climate. If these enquiries could be anwsered I would greatly appreciate it, as it would simply break my heart to leave them behind. Thanks, Amy.
From steveandclare

To amy_93

02 Mar 2010 6:32 PM
Our cats were both 7 yrs old when we sent them over, one has a heart murmur and the other is a real scaredy cat. Both survived the flights, no worries. We flew them to Perth via Singapore and they were well looked after, the only issue we had was that they didn't talk to us for two days after we got them out of quarantine!
From steveandclare

To amy_93

02 Mar 2010 6:35 PM
and to answer your second question - they get on fine with the heat. Both of ours love the fact that they can lie out in the sun all day. I would reccomend not leaving them behind, it will cost you a couple of grand to bring them both but it is well worth it.