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ANY LONG TERM TRADIES (PARTICULARLY PLASTERERS) ?        started by sadsmile on 22 Feb 2010   (22589)
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From sadsmile

22 Feb 2010 2:45 PM
HI i'm hoping by posting this I will get some real and honest replies about the situation here. we have been in WA for 16 months now, hubby came over as plasterer, first 6 months were great and then it all went downhill from there. The guy he worked for let him go and although there seemed (and still seems) to be heaps of building work all around us, he was unable to secure REGULAR work in his trade. This resulted in us experiencing a severe financial downturn, he is now in employment in the steel trade, but in all truth, the money is horrendous and with 3 kids to support we are barely making enough to feed and clothe them. of course, because we have not been resident for 2 years, there is no extra help we can get from the state either (other than family assistance). I am looking for work too but if and when anything does come up, I will have the age-old problem of childcare for my 3 year old to tackle so its just not that easy. Dont know whether hubby was just unlucky with the contacts he made in the trade or whether this is a true reflection of the situation out here. There seems to be more jobs for plasterers in the papers etc, but is it going to be short term thing again and when winter comes (thats when it all went wrong last year) is everything going to fall apart again? We now have NO savings to back us up and if we fall this time, we are finished. I'm scared for my kids and for both our sanities, but hubby just needs a break with someong to enable us to start living (rather than barely existing) again. I'm not here begging for a job (though it anyone wants to - just a truthfull, honest view of the longterm prospects for him, if he decides to return to his trade. thanks guys
From jimboman

To sadsmile

22 Feb 2010 11:04 PM
It will pick up. There is still a housing shortage in WA and there are still migrants coming in which is increasing the shortage. What has changed is that plasterers, plumbers and brickies etc. are now not on the SOL (skilled occupations list). When the current lull turns back into a boom (estimated by most economists to be by the third quarter of this calendar year) those tradies already here will suddenly be in demand again. Without a new influx of tradies through immigration, demand for their services will increase and you should be back 'in the money'. I reckon anyway...