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Teenagers       started by KarenS on 22 Feb 2010   (22592)
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From KarenS

22 Feb 2010 11:51 PM
Hi All Not been on here for sometime, I was a regular prior to going out to and whilst in Perth. Any way we are thinking about coming back to Australia, only sticking point is our 14 year old son, he is concerned because he has just taken his GCSE options at school and is worried (as I am) that moving out there will have a detrimental effect on his school life. I guess I feel that I could be potentially ruining his life altogether too. Can anyone give me any insight into how they coped with moving to Oz with a teenager? I would also be interested to hear about it from a teenagers perspective if there are any on Aussiemove. Take care. Karen
From Judy33

To KarenS

23 Feb 2010 1:52 AM
Our Eldest daughter was in the same position as your son and had just chosen her GCSE subjects. When we arrived the new school year was about to begin and my daughter originally thought of studying for TEE, but found it very different from the UK system and backed out opting for a vocational pathway. She gained mainly A grades although the study was not quite as intense as TEE. From this she was able to complete a bridging course at University to try and get access to a degree course if her grades were good. The grades she aquired were and She has now commenced a University Degree course. There are lots of options to gain qualifications as well as TEE such as Tafe courses Occupation Apprentice, Uni Bridging courses. I consider that the Options in education are far better than the UK for everyone.
From KarenS

To Judy33

23 Feb 2010 2:46 AM
Hi thanks for that and glad to hear your daughter is doing so well. How did she cope with the upheavel of moving schools, leaving friends etc? I feel bad as we have already put the boys through all this once but they were younger then. Take care Karen
From Judy33

To KarenS

23 Feb 2010 11:25 PM
Hi Karen My daughter was pretty rebelious for about 6 months and kept demanding to 'go home', but it wasn't just about school it was the the whole life changing experience.Missing friends,family, her old house, bedroom etc. We nearly went back after 2 months,but kept going. Eventually she started settling and stopped asking for a return flight ticket to the UK. There was good pastoral care at the school which helped.Schools here in Perth are used to migrant kids and are aware of the difficulties they have to deal with in emigrating. About 6 months ago she apologised for being so difficult when we arrived and said that she now realised that our decision to move to Australia was a good one. We have another daughter who was 12 at the time and who settled staight away no problem. I don't know if boys find it easier to adjust someone else can possibly advise you. There are a lot of activities for children of all ages eg surf lifesaving, watersports, football(as we know it in the UK,soccer to the Aussies),AFL, rugby,cricket etc. It's also pretty easy for teenagers to get a casual job here around school hours, for some money of there own (especially in retail). If it feels right for you all to make the move then it probably will turn out well. Take each day as it comes as you will need time to adjust. People told us it takes 2 years before it feels like home. It has taken my hubby 3 years to finally say that he doesn't think that he could go back to the UK to live. Maybe it has something to do with the freezing cold snowy weather that the UK has been experiencing!! Good luck with your decision. Judy P.S If you do come over maybe you should try heading south of the river as there has been so much development even the transformation of the shopping centre in Rockingham has amaized me as millions of dollars have been spent developing shops, restaurants and a new ACE cinema.
From fairylights

To KarenS

25 Feb 2010 11:59 PM
Hi Karen We moved to Perth 3 and a half years ago - our eldest was 14 and had just gone into year 10 in the UK. She settled really well and has not looked back...she threatened to 'kill' us if we even thought of moving back to the UK. She is about to start Uni and will be heading off for a career in mine engineering. Far from ruining their lives, you will be giving your kids far more opportunities in life than they could ever get in the UK. Our son was 12 and youngest daughter 10 and they have both settled very well too. I have had my moments, but just have to 'get on with it' in the knowledge that the futuer lies with our kids. Janet Janet
From amandajane

To fairylights

26 Feb 2010 12:32 AM
My youngest was just about to go into Year 9 when we came over( started on a G & T program at Perth Modern in Subi), middle son went into year 10, same school/program and eldest went straight to work. In almost 3 years the youngest has been chosen as one in three students from WA to represent our country in Beijing for a Science convention and will be presenting his paper on Gravity to delegates worldwide. My middle son graduated from Perth Modern on a Gifted and Talented program with a fantastic TEE score and has now accepted a place at UWA to do Commerce and Finance. My eldest started working as a Driller operator in the mines and is on a fly out /2 ,fly in /1 roster at $100,000 per year. I have been teaching all my life and am still trying to pay off a mortgage! He is 19 and has the opportunity to earn this every year- and fortunately loves the life too. I can't begin to think what would have been in store for them back in the UK- especially with the recession. The opportunities here abound. Our children should grasp them and live life to the full. We can smile and look on proudly knowing that we offered them this. Good luck to everyone- our kids are the future.
From charliemck1

To KarenS

07 Mar 2010 2:58 PM
hi karen, like you, i am an old aussiemover! we moved over jan 07 and havent been on this site much as there has been so much going on. we moved with 2 boys, one was turning 5 and the other was 15. the 15 yr old only lasted 3 months here, missed his mates, family etc. i allowed him to return to scotland to live with my parents, where he settled back into school and life. however, he still never managed to secure a job there. he has now returned to oz, arrived christmas night, and is starting an apprenticeship in may. he realises that it was a mistake to go back and that it would have been better had he stayed in oz, but at the time it was the best thing for him to do as he was becoming depressed. we got there in the end, as im sure you and your family will. good luck with everything. charlene
From KathrynG

To KarenS

28 Nov 2010 5:17 PM
Karen, I replied about this on another of your questions. However I omitted to say that our middle son who was in Year 9 when we moved, went completely off the rails for 15 months. He put us through hell Not that he wanted to go back to the UK, no it was the school system that was the problem and he was in so much trouble (really serious stuff) that we did not know where to turn. We eventually got help when we walked into centrelink and asked to see a social worker. We got him a lot of help with CAMHS and counsellors but it was a battle to get them and at times we felt very alone. Our other two have been fine, so I guess you just never know what his going happen. But if you make the move and need help or advice please PM me. I know the pitfalls. On a happier note, our son is now working part time, at school and a very happy 17 year old.