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Perm visa help needed       started by jack2874 on 23 Feb 2010   (22596)
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From jack2874

23 Feb 2010 5:24 PM
we have been in Oz for 1 year and have permanent visas. However we are moving back to the UK soon. If we were to become boomarang pomms and come back to australia how long can you leave it before permanent visas run out. Some people say we have to move back to Oz within three years!
From jimboman

To jack2874

23 Feb 2010 8:39 PM
Your visa is valid for five years from date of issue (but must be validated within 1 year which you have done). It says that on the visa anyway. You can get a residents return visa but you won't need one yet. Your best bet is to look at the IMMI website for the latest.