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Dog Friendly Rentals       started by kendalg on 26 Feb 2010   (22598)
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From kendalg

26 Feb 2010 3:33 AM
I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find any properties that accept dogs. I'm looking in particular to areas around the catchment area of Ocean Reef. Can anyone recommend somewhere or recommend a real estate company that I can contact. Thanks....Kendal
From pebbles28

To kendalg

26 Feb 2010 4:24 PM
Hi, I think it's a case of keep trying to be honest because there are places out there that will.The place we are in was cool about our wee dog,and it's not always just small dogs that are ok.we are breaking our lease and the people that are moving in have two labs and have been accepted (our agent is Acton) so don't be discouraged something will come up.When applying for a rental offer straight away a pet bond. Also maybe you could ask for a reference from your last rental stating you had a dog and the dog was no problem that may help.Maybe when applying you could also add a wee photo of your dog on the application :-) (just an idea). Don't give up and good luck I'm sure something will come your way. Pebbles
From kendalg

To pebbles28

26 Feb 2010 6:34 PM
Thanks Pebbles. That was encouraging to hear. Kendal