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parent visa question       started by trysnbec on 28 Feb 2010   (22603)
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From trysnbec

28 Feb 2010 4:16 PM
Hi all, my parents are coming over in augu - hopefully on a 6 month visa. Weve been advised that the 8503 is discrentionary and they may have it imposed on their visa. If so, can they go to new zealand for a holiday and then come in via the 3 month tourist visa? Has it worked for anyone beofore? and has anyone been refused entry doing this way? My parents are anxious about doing this as they have seen a border control programme in the UK where people got refused entry into australia because they did this. If they did this, how long would they have to stay in NZ for? Thanks for all your help
From cathntone

To trysnbec

28 Feb 2010 7:49 PM
Hi, I have pm'd you.