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Mandurah       started by benpotter on 01 Mar 2010   (22608)
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From benpotter

01 Mar 2010 8:43 PM
Hi all. We are currently watching a 'relocation relocation, Phil down under ' series and it seams to have got the blood pumping again and have started talking about the idea of moving to oz. We have seen what you can get for you money house wise, and the weather speaks for its self, but what's it really like? I have spent a few months travelling with my mates 10 years ago on the east coast, but what's it like to move over with the family? What's work like in the area of Mandurah or Perth area? My wife works in the research for pharma science and I am a instrument tech/electrical contractor in commercial/industrial areas. Can you get jobs before you relocated? Did you rent first or did you have a house to move in to straight away? What's the schools like? We have 2 boys, (Dylan 3 & Even 1,1/2) and another little pot of gold due in July 2010? What is the Mandurah area like? from what I read its up and coming. Is it a tourist trap? Mortgages? Are they easy to qualify for? Do I have to be a citizen? What's the sporting life like? What's the water sport activities like? i.e. surfing sailing? does it take you long to get your visa? I am sure I have rattled on to much now. Many thanks for any help you can give. Ben Potter
From pat

To benpotter

04 Mar 2010 12:15 AM
wait till you get here to get a job.its such a big upheaval, you should plan to get housed & settled and all paperwork done (driving licence, Tax File Number, Medicare Card) you'll need a job to get a mortgage, but you don't have to be a citizen. rent first and suss out the various suburbs. mandurah may be described as touristy, but it's not in any way like the uk. think quaint and sedate and family oriented rather than busloads, slot machine arcades and crowds. if you love the water, what are you waiting for ? i only wish some of my school PE/games lessons were doing beach volleyball, learning to surf, learning to snorkel & kayak