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House Sale, Money, Containers.........Help!!       started by Sarahgarfield on 09 Mar 2010   (22632)
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From Sarahgarfield

09 Mar 2010 6:56 AM
Hi We've just sold our house and its due for completion 2 April 2010. Need to find a reliable container for the move, a lot out there , which one can anyone recommend? Also finance with house sale, Aussie dollar and the pound rate etc, what to do with the money? transfer to Oz or find an alternative bank, anyone done this recently?? any advice would be much appreciated, Thanks
From sdb

To Sarahgarfield

09 Mar 2010 12:12 PM
Hi we used Jason Mason they were great, house was packed loaded in to container in a day, he wasnt the cheapest but they offered a great services and were there to aswer any questions. got emails with updates from them and the australian side company and they were as good. I have has a few friends that have used them too. Money well ours is in the isle of man waiting for the exchange rate to improve as it has a slightly better interest rate, we did transfer some money when we got $2,49 over a year ago. But really depends on if you can afford to do that, luckly Hubby got a job fairly quickly. Good luck hope this helps a bit i know how big it can feel Anita