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Administrator       started by bryonyjones007 on 12 Mar 2010   (22641)
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12 Mar 2010 8:06 AM
Hi Alexpim, Noticed that the 2nd occupation was administration-can you get a visa for this? Kind Regards, Bryony
From alexpim

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14 Mar 2010 3:30 AM
There've been so many changes since then, I honestly don't know. I recall adm being on the list, but you didn't get too many points, so you would have to get more points from the other requirements, i.e. education, language, age... Not sure what will happen now with the new list coming? We ended up not even using my wife's qualifications, as my profession (civil engineer) was in the CSL, which awarded us more than what we needed on the final score (130 points).