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Rekkie July       started by poachers on 20 Mar 2010   (22665)
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From poachers

20 Mar 2010 6:48 PM
Can anyone help? We are heading out towards the end of July, Harry our son loves his cricket and we are wondering if any clubs are still training although its off season,that he can come and join in, and join when we come over for good in October, he has played at district level here in the uk since he was 9,(hes now 12) We are looking at coming to the woodvale area, but are open to suggestions if there are any better'cricketing areas' k
From meandbee

To poachers

20 Mar 2010 11:58 PM
Hi, I think that July is probably in the off season for most clubs. I umpire in the Northern Suburbs Community Cricket Association, which has just won back to back championships at rep level over suburban turf. There are other CCA'a such as Perth Cricket Association, Swan Helena, and some SOR that i can't remember. Above that you have Grade cricket, which there are 16 clubs at 4 grades. Around Woodvale there are Kingsley-Woodvale, Warwick, Sorrento-Duncraig, North Beach and Greenwood. They all have good juniors. Wanneroo & Joondalup-Kinross both have Junior Grade level teams. Cricket here is very competitive and Juniors will generally play on a saturday morning from about 8.30 - 12.30. It is the last weekend of the cricket season this weekend and the new season won't start until October so i wouldn't expect training to start until late Aug / early Sept.
From kayandandy

To poachers

21 Mar 2010 2:58 AM
Most areas have local cricket clubs but unfortunately you will be bang in the middle of AFL which takes precedence! YOu might be lucky. Why not phone the cricket association and see if they can put you in touch with somewhere. I know KEnt Street High School used to be deemed a cricket school. Not sure if it still is.