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IELTS results       started by TheHalls on 22 Mar 2010   (22671)
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From TheHalls

22 Mar 2010 6:11 AM
Due to the recent changes my husband has had to sit the IELTS for an extra 10 points in our application. He was required to do the General test, as his trade is a Gas Fitter. He did it yesterday after a couple of weeks swotting up and is feeling quite positive about it. Our Agent told us that he needed a minimum of 7 in each category to get a pass. If it dropped below 7 in any then he would have to resit the full thing. However, I have just read a post on another site which states the pass grade required is 6 in each category. Can anyone shed any light on this? Agent is not in tomorrow or I would phone him first thing.
From scarey

To TheHalls

22 Mar 2010 6:23 AM
Sorry to say but I believe you get a 6 for just flashing your passport, so a 6 would not be an adequate score to get the extra points. I too have had to sit the IELTS test for the additional 10 points. I just got my scores through, all above 7 with an overall average of 8. Bit disappointing really (seeing as I'm English) but as everyone keeps pointing out to's above what is required. I got... Listening 7.0 (between 32-34 out of 40) Reading 7.0 (between 32-34 out of 40) Writing 8.5 (two parts, one worth 3.4 and the other 5.6) Speaking 9 Hope he has done enough and seeing as we are native English then he should breeze it (as long as the pressure didn't get to him).
From TheHalls

To scarey

22 Mar 2010 6:32 AM
Well done on your pass, as you said it is more than required and gets you your pints so that is what counts. Kevin spent a good 3-4 weeks studying for it and is feeling confident but the not knowing is driving him (and me) mad. Will be a long 2 weeks! He thinks he did well on the speaking, reading and writing the only one has has a little reservation about is the listening as he said it went quite quick for him (more a memory thing than not understanding). I found it strange when we read that it was 6 as we had always thought it was 7. Oh well, just need to wait and see.