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Mandurah       started by tyron on 24 Mar 2010   (22683)
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From tyron

24 Mar 2010 12:17 PM
Hi we are Family of 4 and should be over in June 2010, i have a Son 15 and daughter 12yrs. Due to the nature of my job i will be on a fifo roster 20 days away a month, my wife wants to live on/near the beach and i would like to put the kids in good schools. I have done some a research, but would like to know where in Madurah and surrounding areas is a well balanced place , schools, communities, beaches etc to live for my family. I would be willing to pay $500--600 a week rental Many Thanks Ty
From al+sal

To tyron

24 Mar 2010 3:35 PM
Hi Tyron Have you looked at Secret Harbour??. Its about 10-15 minute drive away from Mandurah. It is a lovely family orientated area, with schools,community centre, golf course,shops, pub, a swimming pool and it has a lovely beach. From Mandurah to Rockingham there are afew nice 'Estates' ie Madora Bay, Meadow Springs, Anstey Park, lakelands and a few more that i cant quite think of at the moment. There are also lovely places to live in Erskine and Halls head which is the other way towards Bunbury. Good luck with choosing there are so many nice areas around Mandurah. Sall
From thelees

To tyron

25 Mar 2010 12:29 AM
Hi Ty if you put in search box Mandurah and Halls Head alot of info will spill out from the past few years. Theres alot on there from little old me.... if you read that and still have questions drop us a quick email and i'll do my best. You'll get a very nice rental for around $350 / $415 per week in Mandurah and surrounding areaas. Good Luck Pauline
From johnaudrey

To thelees

29 Mar 2010 12:56 PM
Hi We lived in S/H initially lovely beach nice area only trouble you are twix Rockingham and Mandurah for night out S/H has only 1 pub, and expensive at that shopping is ok but again you need more than 'woolworths' so in essence Mandurah has it all lovely beach although estuary rather than sea unless you go a few minutes to halls head nice coffee shop park etc. Only trouble with mandurah is that you are further away from Airport approx 75 min (Domestic) for FIFO but the new freeway is opened now but still a good hour, I know I do it every day !! We live on the canals which is fabulous best of luck see you on the foreshore if you decide mandurah dolphins and all, any questions dont hesitate