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Calling all Motor Mechanics.....       started by Perth42 on 07 Apr 2010   (22702)
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From Perth42

07 Apr 2010 2:29 AM
Hi My husband Russ is due to take his VETASSESS practical up in Lancs in May. If anyone has been through the process and can give us feedback/advice/tips we would be really greatful. Also if you have successfully migrated how much did it cost to get your tools cleaned? Have you found work in the automotive industy and what is it like? Does it pay well? Is it a 40hr week or is more 50-60hrs? Any information you have will be fab. Cheers Marie-Louise & Russ
From jayw

To Perth42

07 Apr 2010 8:32 PM
Hi we came over here 18 months ago , im a heavy vehicle mechanic and just cleaned all my tools myself at work in parts wash ,they are looking more for soil than oil contamination, my tools got inspected and all arrived with no problem. In Brisbane hourly rate for car mechanics is roughly between $18-$22 per hour heavy vehicle mecanics can get around $24-$32 per hour as for working week it depends who you work for much like uk some want you to work 39 and others want 50-60. I work for brisbane council servicing and repairing buses and its the best job i have ever had. hope this helps .good luck jason n sharon
From Perth42

To jayw

08 Apr 2010 5:24 AM
Hi Jason & Sharon Thank you so much for responding our post. It was positive news on the pay front as we noticed on our very recent visit to Perth how expensive houses and general cost of living had gone up since our last visit so its reassuring to know the pay is higher than the UK! I guess with you being over in Oz for 18 months you did not have to do the VETASSESS. Did you do the TRA entry? Was this just a paper based evidence exercise? They have really tightened up the migration belts now with the practial element! Many thanks again Marie-Louise & Russ
From susanandjohn

To Perth42

10 Apr 2010 4:58 PM
Hello We have been in Perth for just over 4 years now. My husband is motor mechanic and he works in the mining industry. At first we felt this would not suit us as he has to work away on a fly in and out basis he works 8 days on and has 6 days off. We were so wrong to think it would not suit it has been fantastic it is like him having a holiday every other week. The visa process can be slow but it it is all worth it in the end just say positive. If you have any general questions that i may be able to answer please just ask. We found a few people in the early days that were a wealth of information and that can make all the difference to making the transition easier. Good luck Susan
From Perth42

To susanandjohn

10 Apr 2010 10:07 PM
Hi Susan Thank you for the response, greatly appreciated. We too have been discussing the mining option! We have just come back from Perth and everyone we met asked us if we would consider the mines. As the property prices keep rising and ours in the UK falling we have talked about the mines at length... Russ would like to know a lot more information such as if working at the mines means he can work as a mechanic on land rather than underground is it 12hr shifts? What is the living accomodation like, etc. I know you may not want to discuss all this plus personal stuff on the site so if you want to email us on I would appreciate all the information you can give us re the life for your husband and how you deal with things etc. You are right all the information is really helpful especially at this stage. I do hope the visa doesn't take as long as some of the others that are members in this site... Many thanks Marie-Louise & Russ