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Help re second working holiday visa       started by Em+Matt on 13 Apr 2010   (22724)
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From Em+Matt

13 Apr 2010 5:31 PM
Hello everyone, Myself and my boyfriend are in Perth at the moment. He is on his first year working holiday visa and we need to extend it (I am on a study visa) the only problem is the company he has been working for in Regional WA has let him down and we now have no one to verify his work to enable him to apply for his second working holiday visa. I wanted to ask if there are any Construction companies, farmers (not in Perth Metro) that require a physically fit, hardworking 30 year old to work for them. He has experience working at a mine in Port Hedland as an Electrical Trades Assistant and experience working in the UK as a trades labourer for years and a landscape labourer. We really appreciate any help as he may have to go home in June and me stay on which just the thought is devastating. Thanks again to anyone who has any advice on this. Em