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Are we in for a housing blood bath ?       started by callum1965 on 13 Apr 2010   (22727)
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From callum1965

13 Apr 2010 11:01 PM
Ok, thought this may start falk giving their opinions. I have lately been more drawn to the likley-hood we are in for a housing bubble blood bath within the next 2 years. As to housing shortage... erm, ok.... 6 within 2 blocks of my house alone. does anyone else see signes or do you still agree with the belief of shortage of homes. I now only agree shortage of ' Affordable homes '. Only sales that I know of recently are foreign investors.
From kayandandy

To callum1965

13 Apr 2010 11:30 PM
We are never sure what to make of it. I think the Australian economy avoided the full impact of the GFC because they basically talked their way out of it. I am not convinced they are out of the woods. We have friends in retail who are really struggling. Houses, well in our neck of the woods things are moving but they are the higher end which took a complete bashing when the first time home buyers was going mad. Im not sure where I sit on this fence but I dont thinkit is as rosy as some would have us believe.
From callum1965

To kayandandy

14 Apr 2010 12:05 AM
Well put, I now also see through the rosy tales.
From tisme

To callum1965

14 Apr 2010 7:56 AM
They all saw the GFC coming, yeah right. Take all you read with a grain of salt, make that a bag of salt. Houses are selling down my way (Rockingham) the mid range houses that is. WA always bucks the trend of other states, whatever happens on the east coast has no bearing on what will happen on the west coast.