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Our dearly loved pets       started by BrianR01 on 23 Apr 2010   (22749)
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From BrianR01

23 Apr 2010 5:39 PM
Hi I am from South Africa and we are planning to do the big move to Oz we are terribly unhappy in this country. We dont have any children so our pets have become our children and we are VERY VERY attached to them. I am terribly worried about the whole 7 month quarantine as i have a little poodle that doesnt eat when i am not there. Is there no way of bypassing this or even making it shorter? I just am horribly attached to her! we have taken the best care of all of them and they are in exceptionally good shape and health is there no way of having an animal cross examined and maybe obtaining a 100% medical clearance for them and thus thereby shortening the period? Can anybody advise us please? Kind Regards Brian & Shiane
From Kieren

To BrianR01

23 Apr 2010 5:52 PM
In short.....NO. Rules are rules. KIEREN
From jimboman

To BrianR01

24 Apr 2010 7:27 PM
The only suggestion I can make, is to rent near the quarantine station so that you can make regular visits. The rules here are very strict and you will be bashing your head against a brick wall trying to get them relaxed whatever the circumstances.