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Petrol prices!!!       started by baz_nicola on 29 Apr 2010   (22767)
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From baz_nicola

29 Apr 2010 7:28 PM
I have just read on the Huddersfield Examiner website that BP is charging 122.9 pece per litre and i moaned today at paying 121.9 cents, we have been here 3 years now and oh how easily we forget!!!
From jimboman

To baz_nicola

29 Apr 2010 8:30 PM
Ah yes, but here you drive twice as far (at least) and generally run a bigger CC car. Eggs are cheaper in England but I wouldn't move to England for cheap eggs like I didn't move here for cheap petrol. The cost of living here is getting higher by the day so anyone moving here to solve financial problems will be making a big mistake. Long term, this country offers better prospects for the future of your finances (more job security, resources and more stable state finances). However, short term, your cost of living will be higher and you have the huge outlay of moving here in the first place. I remember watching 'wanted down under' about four years ago, and the opening line was something like 'cheap housing, lower cost of living and good exchange rate as well as the year round sunny climate....'. Well, the first three have been turned on their head. I'm glad we came when we did, but I'm not so sure if I would do it today. We wouldn't be able to afford the house we have now (lower UK prices and poor exchange rate) and our start up costs would have been at least a third higher.
From Kris+Rob

To baz_nicola

30 Apr 2010 7:12 AM
Based on the cost per barrel petrol prices are way too high, even here.
From justme2

To baz_nicola

30 Apr 2010 8:34 PM
Petrol is just about the only thing that is cheap here! Don't get me started on the price of bread, milk, actually just about all groceries.
From Kris+Rob

To justme2

03 May 2010 8:41 PM
Now, now. We're about to enter another boom where EVERYONE will get rich.
From Mindblower

To Kris+Rob

03 May 2010 11:39 PM
Putting prices up friday to tuesday is just one big cartel rip off....annoying...and people put up with it.
From Kris+Rob

To Mindblower

04 May 2010 6:43 AM
(sings) This is Australia