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perth vs melbourne vs brisbane vs sydney vs UK vs        started by simonc on 06 May 2010   (22789)
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From simonc

06 May 2010 12:34 PM
Adelaide vs NZ vs the world....... The only real way to figure out if you like it or not and if it suits you is to live there for a couple of years and see how you get on and move if you dont. Each has their pluses and minuses which are different for everyone. People who come on here bitch about Perth or wherever because it didnt or doesnt suit their tastes and their minus list outweighed their plus list. It doesnt mean it doesnt suit someone elses. People bitching about their experience need to open up their heads to the fact that while their views are valid in their own circumstances, they are not in someone elses case and while constructive advice should be given, they should not expect that everyone else should share or even remotely agree with their views if they dont want to. Dissing somewhere because you didnt like it does no one any good and tends to piss people off. An experience even if it is a difficult or nightmarish one can be shared positively and constructively. There are people who have moved about because one place didnt suit them, and have written about their experiences is ways that are really useful to people. Someone in Wynnum (nice place) springs to mind but I cant remember their name. At the end of the day this community is here to serve people going through one of the most stressful things they can ever do to themselves. Ultimately we do this for two very positive reasons, to better life for ourselves and families and for adventure, usually with the positive outlook that if it doesnt work at least we tried, and we can always go back or move on. Some of the posts that I read up here are so negative I wonder where the people posting it ever had any positive thoughts and if so can they remember what they felt like. And they are so wrapped in their own world that they fail to remember or consider the crazy emotional washing machine of the emigration itself and what many people looking for useful advice are going through and dont need to read. As far as the cities are concerned, Perth or Christchurch for me, possibly Adelaide if it has to be a city. Or back to England or another place, I havent been to Darwin or Tassie yet. If it didnt have to be a city then it would be somewhere 3 hours or more from a city, but a city it is for now. And some people may view these places are the arse end of nowhere, the lights arent bright enough, or the shops arent spangly enough, or the animals are too dangerous or the people swear too much, or the work conditions and pay are crap. Cool, then use it as a positive learning experience and move on. The above are not a problem for me, in fact some of them are positives. I dont like shops or bright lights and I like dangerous animals and swearing. And the work conditions, pay and opportunity are way better than what I got in England. Currently my issues about Perth other than family/friends/football are that the landscape while having a beauty of its own, is mainly one dimensional compared to what I am used to. And I would like to see more big trees. Some people may ask wtf am I on about - probably the same people saying not to come to Perth because the shops are shit, but I dont care. It is my personal opinion, important and valid only to me, and considerably more so than the current price of bread or apples. Best of luck to all trying to get over, it may not seem like a good time to be heading out, but it didnt in August 2006 either. However the future sorted that out.
From debs1966

To simonc

07 May 2010 9:13 AM
Well said Simon I am looking to move in the forseeable future and reading some of the posts can make you feel a little uncertain about coming. But at the end of the day I remain positive and you have to make the best of it and if it doesnt you move on. It can't be any worse than the UK I am watching the election on BBC and I really hate to see what the next 4 years will be like. I am just thankful that I have been given the opportunity to start a new life for myself and my family somewhere hopefully better than here!!! Can't wait to be out ..... Debs
From jimboman

To simonc

08 May 2010 6:52 AM
I think some people moan about Perth, when really their problem is with the suburb or street they moved to rather than the city or state. Like anywhere, there are good and bad areas. Even within a suburb (and some of the burbs are larger than UK towns), there are good bits and bad bits. I wouldn't live five streets away from where I live now, but the same applied in England. As for shopping, I don't have the money or the time to go browsing around designer shops so Kmart and Target meet all my needs. Plus, I can park my car for free, walk into a huge shopping centre that is clean and safe and get everything I need within half an hour. The scenery can be boring, but when I can walk five minutes down the road and see Dolphin and miles of empty sands, that pretty much makes up for not being able to see farmers fields on my drive to work. Perth (London,Sydney,Bideford) are not places. They are a multitude of places, all very different which are joined together to form cities or towns. I would live in Raleigh in Bideford but I would not live in Barton Tors. That means nothing to most people, but one is nice and the other is a hell hole and they are a few minutes apart. The same rule applies here. Rockingham is a whole heap of suburbs joined together and those suburbs are made up of different estates. Some I would love to live in, some are just dumps. If I had bought a house in a dumpy area (coz the house had 4 beds, 2 baths and a theatre room) would that make Perth a bad place?