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where to go???       started by trudi on 07 May 2010   (22792)
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From trudi

07 May 2010 9:55 AM
hi there we are thinking of coming to perth and hubby would be working in malaga....we would like coastal as he is a keen surfer but obviousley thats slightly more expensive...straight out to the coast from malaga is duncraig,sorrento,city beach,scarborough....and feedback and suggestions for this area.. we have two children 1 and 3 so ideally schools and shopping areas could be close by...also parks and pre school...all suggestions welcome even for other areas not listed..thanks trud
From simonc

To trudi

07 May 2010 10:56 AM
You are lucky to get anything that resembles surf between the reefs at North Beach and Mullaloo. Padbury to N Beach is a 10 minute very pleasant drive down the coast strip. Whitfords City is close for shopping, and Hillaries is close and is a tourist/local playground/trap for kids and adults. Duncraig, Woodvale, Kingsley and Greenwood would probably be a better bet for Schools and are better kept and as such more expensive. I dont think the ones in Padbury have a good rep. Someone else is better placed to help you there. If you are loaded then Trigg and North Beach are nice and in the middle of the surf beaches and reefs, Scarborough will be the next tier down in terms of price. For good surf you need to drive 1 hour north, 3.5 hours south or boat 1 km out. Perth metro surf does not compare to the west country or even the south coast of England on its day.