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IS IT ALL WORTH IT? HELP.       started by jackfrew on 10 May 2010   (22801)
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From jackfrew

10 May 2010 9:04 PM
To me that sounds silly. The reason I am asking is my 8 year old son and hubby have cold feet. I am looking for some reassurance. We have started the visa process, so I think they need to get use to it. Our son Jack thinks he will not meet new friends, school will be too different. My husband is worried that there will not be enough jobs in the motor trade. And can we live on just his wage for a while. We have a 2 year old too (Kai) what are the facilities like for him. How many hours would he be in, and is it dear. So if anyone can help, please do. I have'nt been on for a while, as trying to sort out our paperwork for the visa. Many thanks, Sharon
From sdb

To jackfrew

12 May 2010 11:19 AM
Hi When we come out last year my son was 8, he was unsure about starting his new school, but the kids were great they loved his english accent and the school was great settling him in. Now even the head says its like he has always been there. My 11 year found it harder but he did 4 weeks at primary before starting high school but is good now, he would go back to the uk at a drop of a hat. The schools arent that much different my two are bored somedays as they are in front, but spoke to teachers and she was going to give him extra work, schools do alot more sport with gala's etc. To help them settle in i have helped on trips and gala's and you get to meet some mums too They both joined soccer clubs, and have made new friends there too It takes time they stay in touch with their mates in the UK, Hope this helps Jack sorry cant help with Kai but have lots of preschools around and lots of other things for toddlers to do Anita