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can i sell some items?       started by babyg3 on 16 May 2010   (22817)
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From babyg3

16 May 2010 5:27 PM
I havent been on here for months and was just wondering... people used to put on items that they were tring to sell. I seem to remember there was a bit of chat about how thats not what Aussie Move was all about etc. I have some things to sell but i am not e bayed up!! Are you still allowed to put items for sale on here???
From tisme

To babyg3

16 May 2010 6:34 PM
Gumtree is a great website to sell items and is easy to use, no money swaps hands over the net, it's all done face to face. It's free to post an add.
From adamcat

To tisme

18 May 2010 9:54 PM
Yes we have used Gumtree to buy and sell and found it very good, you can post photos of items for free as well. A word of warning though my friend was almost scammed by someone trying to sell a car to him and asking for payment before he had even seen the (supposed) car. Like Tisme says, buy and sell face to face and you should be fine.