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Shipping a Car       started by sim78 on 23 May 2010   (22834)
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From sim78

23 May 2010 6:20 AM
Hi I was woundering if any once can give us some advice on shipping a 7 Toyota Verso over to Perth. Is it worth shipping the car over its a 57 plate. Many thanks
From margarte

To sim78

24 May 2010 1:20 AM
if they find 1 little thing wrong with it then its good bye car we were going 2 bring r and some 1 told us the same thing u can take the change and c what happens but australia has got there rules and they stand by them
From Bev+Chris

To margarte

24 May 2010 2:37 AM
When we came to Perth in 2007 we brought our Toyota Lucida with us and went through the whole import process. It is a long process and you need bags of patience. Happy for you to PM me but it is a case of cost of transportation vs what you could sell if for in UK and what an equivalent would cost you in Perth. It is no worse than importing a car into UK which we have also done. If it is a standard build that passes an MOT in UK is should not have many issues, ours only required adjustment for baby seats in the back and an emissions test. Make sure you keep all your docs from UK as they won't let you register it without your DVLA doc You should look at the AQAS(?) website. You will pay import duty dependent on age and how long you have owned it. Bev.