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VETASSESS ASSESSMENT - motor mechanic        started by Perth42 on 26 May 2010   (22844)
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From Perth42

26 May 2010 10:45 PM
Hi As promised would keep you posted. Russ did his VETASSESS yesterday. A total of 5 lads were tested and in seven days time we should know if its a go or no go! They were all asked to go and work by a car and told that they all had different tasks to carry out. Russ was asked a series of questions at his interview such as H&S and how he would find out information if he was working in an Aussie garage. He was also asked to describe a problem he struggled to solve and how he dealt with it. He was also asked what he would do with the disc breaks... the Aussie VETASSES told him he would skim them... something that would surely not be seen as cost effective in todays practice in the UK but understands that this may need to be done in Oz... hopefully he passed the interview and the assessment which my hubby decribed as an 8 hour driving test. One thing Russ did say was the interview questions meant that the answers could seem a bit grey! Russ thinks it went ok and he said if he doesn't pass then he has no idea of what they want from you as a mechanic and should he even be in the trade if that is the case!!! Will keep you posted .... fingers crossed its positive news next week... watch this space. Thanks to all the Aussiemovers that have given us advice/info with regards to this gruelling assessment :-) Marie-Louise & Russ