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FORM 888 - HELP NEEDED PLEASE :O)       started by liane_and_lee on 31 May 2010   (22854)
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From liane_and_lee

31 May 2010 7:59 PM
Hi all I am just looking into Claire and Mattys forms...Claire has asked me if the form 888 needs certifying by a solicicitor...can anybody who has done a spouse visa clarify this for her.. Also, the last page where people sign is not too clear... Can somebody please take a look at the form and clarify who signs where -its all a bit confusing :) Thanks guys :)
From JulesC

To liane_and_lee

31 May 2010 11:39 PM
Hi In Australia it doesn't have to be a solicitor, you can go to the local pharmacy and get the pharmacist to do it. A justice of the peace can also certify as can nurses, midwives and teachers so if you know one, don't pay for it ask them. Juliet