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SALARY VS RENT+BILLS PERTH       started by pom2010pom on 02 Jun 2010   (22862)
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From pom2010pom

02 Jun 2010 7:50 AM
Hi, I am new to this forum and would be grateful for some advice. My wife, son and I are looking at emigrating from the UK to Perth. My wife will be employed as a Nurse at the KEMH in Perth and we want to live within a commutable distance of the hospital. I believe her salary would be $55-60,000 and as I will have to find a job part time due to childcare would envisage a salary of about $30-40,000. Therefore, could we afford the rent, bills and all the other ancillary costs involved in living no more than 10km from the hospital on a combined salary of about $90,000? The areas we are looking at (renting) are Subiaco, Floreat, Nedlands and Churchlands and these all show a weekly rent of about $500 - $800 for a decent sized home??.. Any advice would be gratefully received... Thanks, Paul