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Setting up a New Business in Perth       started by debs1966 on 04 Jun 2010   (22868)
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From debs1966

04 Jun 2010 4:24 PM
Hi Guys I am wondering how easy it is to set up a business when I arrive in Perth. I have for the last year here in the UK set up a reasonable business mystery dining business here in the UK and would like to anticipate doing the same over in Perth. Do they have like networking business groups, Chamber of Commerce etc out there? Also, do you have to have lived there for a while before you can start trading in a self employed business. Any ideas on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Debbie
From thelees

To debs1966

05 Jun 2010 9:00 PM
Hi Debbie, Perth and opening up a business is very very simple. No timescale you can do it the day you land! ABN number required and registering your website names etc., all done for about $150 online. Chamber of commerce are up and down WA, theres plenty of networking groups and support SBC. SBDC Perth. Grants and alsorts available. Women in Business, Home Based Business. I self funded a business 2 years ago and its flying...i've networked past myself and its paid of massively, I won 2 major Home Based Business Awards last year after just 13 months of trading. Its very easy doing business here. Good luck, if you need anything drop me a PM. Pauline