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Trip booked-Can you help?       started by poachers on 04 Jun 2010   (22869)
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From poachers

04 Jun 2010 4:37 PM
We finally booked our rekki trip, we head out 23rd July stopping of at Singapore then on to Perth, weve managed to secure a house in Woodvale for the intial two weeks then have about 5 days spare..... Where to we start?weve lots to sort and im not the most organized. Schools, jobs , houses cricket clubs for Harry, Anyone any pointers, or would anyone like to meet up and point us in the right direction. Harry will be 12, pretty easy going and enjoys all his sport, Nick is looking for a carpentry job, he has owned his buisness here in Northampton for the last 15years, Me, will look at taking any job(within reason!!) Ive worked in a Veterinary practice for the last 20years.... We hope to come out in October for good, but we are still trying to organize dog export, we need a contact address in Perth before we can complete forms
From meandbee

To poachers

04 Jun 2010 8:06 PM
hi, don't worry about cricket clubs as they will all be on winter break. I think clubs start registraion in Aug / early Sept as the season doesn't start again until end of Oct. For club contacts look at and in the bottom right hand side you can search for a club round a post code. Try 6026 which should pick up those around Woodvale. It shows junior and senior clubs.
From kendalg

To poachers

04 Jun 2010 9:06 PM
Will help if I can. As you know we did a lot in a week so PM me as you usually do and I'll do my best. Kendal