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Landscapers SOR       started by Mindblower on 11 Jun 2010   (22883)
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From Mindblower

11 Jun 2010 11:12 PM
Hi Anyone recommend a reputable landscaper for lawns/ retic Rockingham, Mandurah way etc Smell rip off so far. Dave
From jimboman

To Mindblower

14 Jun 2010 11:26 AM
I wouldn't bother with a lawn. They are a pain in the bum. Coloured gravel looks good with a bit of native planting out the front, and have all the back as pavers. Then you won't need a bore or retic (or a lawnmower,weedkiller,grass feed,wetting agent etc.etc.). Take a drive around and you will see quite a lot of newer houses landscaped without grass or European plants. They look really good. With water and energy costs rising, why bother with a front lawn? They are just there for other people to look at as they drive past.