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Medicals       started by jackfrew on 14 Jun 2010   (22887)
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From jackfrew

14 Jun 2010 9:08 PM
Hi everyone, not been on for a while. When you go for the medicals what do they check for and what kind of questions do thay ask. Also we have two children what included in there medical. My 8 year old hates going to the doctors. Any information would be great. Sharon
From donaa2

To jackfrew

15 Jun 2010 4:48 AM
They are full medical examinations so include listening to heart and lungs, checking reflexes, palpating abdomen, checking hearing and sight, assessing neurological status. Ours were all very thorough but nothing to worry about, my 8 year old was fine and you are allowed to stay in with the children. You will also have to have chest x-rays and bloods taken but the children won't need to have bloods done. You will be fine don't worry. Andrea