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price       started by pop on 15 Jun 2010   (22892)
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From pop

15 Jun 2010 10:04 PM
moving sept 2010 could anyone tell me is household items saucepans sheets towels kids bikes are they similar in price in Oz to the Uk
From Perth42

To pop

16 Jun 2010 5:38 PM
Hi We have been thinking the same.... Our friends in Oz have been telling me to buy as much as possible beforehand as certain things are very expensive. I was given the example of cheap lipsticks in the UK Contstant Carol brand are about $5! and the plasic pickni tableware in charity shops are the $2-3 for a plastic plate... I have been keeping an eye out for all sale items. Bedding sales at the mo in supermarkets I got some kingsize bedding sets for
From kayandandy

To Perth42

17 Jun 2010 5:34 PM
Hi there I stocked up but if I had my time again I would stock up more. If you are bringing your beds then stock up with linen, otherwise be careful as bed and duvet sizes are different. If you are really going to stock up for the house I would say put your money into quality. A good example is Le Crueset. I didnt stock up and kick myself. They are about 3 x the price. Get a good dinner service or two - the price here is shocking. Other things we find pricey kids clothing kids shoes kids books kids toys toiltries cookware kitchen ware curtains linen Buy your furniture in UK. As an example look at the Laura Ashley website as your price guide. Electricals here are cheap but I am not sure the price in the UK. If I was in Europe now I would buy a new Leibherr fridge and meile appliances and a DYSON. They are ridiculous! Be wary of a weber. We have a brand new one in a box and everyone uses gas ... including us now. We bought our bikes, but then we already had them. I bought birthday presents for the children and Christmas presents for the first year as I knew money would be tight, however our kids were young. Hope this helps but remember you can always get a cheap chinese version here - it is when you want the real deal that things start getting silly! Kay