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Job offer for electrical design engineer !!       started by liane_and_lee on 16 Jun 2010   (22894)
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From liane_and_lee

16 Jun 2010 8:00 PM
Hi all We are looking to settle in Bunbury WA This morning Lee was offered a job...$75,000 and 9% superannuation contribution. Obviously you guys are living in Aus now, so I wanted to ask if this salary would be adequate for a family of 5, renting in bunbury. Any advice, or information is gratefully received on your incomes, expenditure etc. Thankyou :) Liane
From leigh_and_ross

To liane_and_lee

17 Jun 2010 8:40 PM
To help you with your calculations (in the 10/11 tax year) you would pay $16050 tax + $1125 medicare levy on $75k. Therefore annual take home would be $57825, or $4818 per month, or $1112 weekly. ( You may be eligable for family tax benefit, and rent assistance depending on your visa status and assets, so look on the centerlink website and check this for yourself. Not sure how much the average Bunbury rental is, but i think i have seen news reports saying that groceries cost more in the SW than here in Perth (due to transportation costs)