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Removal Companies.       started by jackfrew on 23 Jun 2010   (22913)
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From jackfrew

23 Jun 2010 9:48 PM
Hi everyone, Quick question. The last time we were all set to go to OZ, everthing in the container. Our removal company asked for an address in OZ, they said we had to have this. How do you get round this if you haven't got your rental yet. We were going over staying in a motel for a couple of weeks, while we look for a rental. Thanks, Sharon
From Perth42

To jackfrew

24 Jun 2010 7:52 PM
Hi Sharon Who did you use? I have someone coming over tonight to give us a quote (one of many I hope) I will keep you posted on what the outcome of that and email you back/or reply via here.... Hope your week isn't as hetic as it sounded! Marie-Louise x