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Buying You New Home In Australia       started by albertr on 30 Jun 2010   (22920)
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From albertr

30 Jun 2010 3:47 PM
You've got your visa's and you are planning the big move to Australia. What about your new home. Do you plan to buy a new home or rent? If you are planning to buy a new home when you arrive in Australia then you may wish to consider the financing of this. Often when people arrive in a new country it can be difficult to obtain a home loan due to the current length of service in your new job etc. Why not consider using your current circumstances to your advantage i.e. term of employment. If you have not obtained your permanent residency you may want to consider buying your home as an investment property utilising foriegn investment facilities. If on the other hand you or your partner have already obtained your permanent residency status, you will be eligible to apply for a loan through the normal chanels. If you would like to discuss obtaining a loan to buy or build your new home in Australia please send me an email to
From johnmwood22

To albertr

10 Nov 2010 10:21 PM
One thing to do is to never use PPS for your removal firm, we paid over 10K upfront then they still tried to shaft us vis extras after our stuff had been in storage for months. At least Dick wore a mask !!!!!