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Skilled Independent Visa       started by yelles on 01 Jul 2010   (22927)
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From yelles

01 Jul 2010 8:45 PM
We have applied for a Skilled/Independent Visa as we have enough points and have been waiting for a case officer. It has been 9 months already and still no word. Has anyone else experienced the same thing and if so, how long did you wait til you got your visa? Update: My husband's job (Computer Engineer) does not appear on the Skills in Demand list of any territory or state, although he got 120 points at time of application. Does this mean we wait longer and if so how much longer? Would appreciate it if anyone in the same boat could shed some light.
From paandejo

To yelles

01 Jul 2010 10:21 PM
Hi there, We came from South africa 10 years ago on skilled visas and it took 15 months before we heard anything so dont worry, it will happen. You just have to be patient. Cheers Ann