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New List is out for WA - What happens now?        started by Perth42 on 08 Jul 2010   (22945)
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From Perth42

08 Jul 2010 5:28 PM
Hi All I'm so excited... the new list is out for WA so looks like we can start again on this rollercoaster of a ride we have been on.... I'm not sure what happens now, I'm assuming as we have passed the VETASSESS that we just lodge the application and wait... Has anyone else done the 'State Sponsorship Route'? If so, what happens now? Many thanks Marie-Louise & Russ xx
From kildrummy

To Perth42

08 Jul 2010 6:54 PM
Wow from sculpter to cobbler, is there any job or occupation that is not on that list.
From Perth42

To kildrummy

08 Jul 2010 7:36 PM
Whoops! Sorry it appears I have jumped the gun... this is the email from my agent Sorry to put a dampener on things but the list you refer to is not the WA list. It's an Immigration list and it is expected that states and territories will not be able to include occupations on the State Migration Plans (SMP's) that do not appear on that Immigration list. None of the states or territories are expected to bring out their SMP's until August at the earliest (and it could even be later in the year than that). This is why the WA state government's website makes no mention of SMP's. You need to wait until the WA state government announces its SMP. Once that has happened we will be able to approach them for a sponsorship providing they want motor mechanics. Until then we are still in limbo. If the WA state government offer you a sponsorship under their SMP only then we will be able to move forward and lodge the actual migration application with Immigration.