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best school?       started by iwi on 08 Jul 2010   (22946)
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From iwi

08 Jul 2010 7:38 PM
what are the list of best public school in perth?, for now i can't enroll them in private school coz i have 4 children and we're just a temporary visa holder(457), thanks!
From baddad

To iwi

11 Jul 2010 5:32 PM
iwi Go to In the search box type in 'grades' and have fun. You did not mention how old your children are but I have a son in state primary and to be honest we have looked at quite alot of them and they are all pretty poor. To ensure a reasonable education you need to go private. We have our eldest in private and they are superb - cannot fault them at all Good luck
From kayandandy

To baddad

11 Jul 2010 7:31 PM
To be honest I think they hype with state and private is a bit OTT! I work in a 'private' school and my son goes to the local state school. There is no way I would put him a private primary school for the following reasons 1) class sizes in state school are up to ten children smaller! 2) fees for private primary schools are now quite a bit more expensive than they used to be and I am not sure if you get better value for money. 3) teachers are all trained in the same place ... in the private primary schools the expectations for the teachers can be ridiculous and above and beyond the call of duty. A tired teacher is never a good teacher. The first state school we went to was not up to much! I gave it the best shot we could and after discussions with the head etc we eventually voted with our feet. The state school we go to now is FANTASTIC and we couldnt have asked for better. It comes down to the teacher and the general feel in the school ... it is about feeling comfortable. On the other hand I feel (this is only my personal experience here) that the private secondary schools are an excellent bet. There is such a focus on pastoral care which is so important at this stage. Saying that though the state system offers many scholarship programmes for a variety of things including aeronautics, academic excellence, media, soccer, the arts to name a few. None of the independent schools offer such specialised programmes that I know of. I think it is dangerous on this site to look for the 'best' school in the state. We should be looking for the 'best fit' for our children. After all they are not all the same with the same needs. The other lesson that is a very hard one (and I struggled with it for two years) is that education is different here to the UK. Now I did my initial teacher training here and then worked in UK for 12 years and even I was critical. The expectations are, on the whole a bit lower but one needs to be mindful that the focus is different. I will forever be grateful to my son's teachers who identified (and confirmed our thoughts) high anxiety in him. A classroom totally dominated by a demanding curriculum doesnt allow teachers much time to really take note of 'person' they are working with. Please please please shop around. There are some cracking schools out there in the state system with some very exciting things going on! The same can be said for the private system.
From kendalg

To kayandandy

12 Jul 2010 1:30 AM
Excellent post and one that will help with my decision when moving over next year. Kendal